Electron App rejected in MAC App store

I recently submitted the app built by electron to mac app store (Electron version used - 5.0.1). App submission got rejected due to the following reason.


Your app uses or references the following non-public APIs:







The use of non-public APIs is not permitted on the App Store, because it can lead to a poor user experience should these APIs change.

We are constantly reevaluating and identifying non-public APIs that you may have been using for an extended period of time. You should always use public APIs and frameworks and ensure they are up-to-date to prevent this issue in the future.

Follow up :

        I followed up them and said that , we are using electron framework. So , I am not able to remove this API's

Apple responded ,

To resolve this issue, please either remove the Electron SDK entirely from your app, or revise your app to utilize version 3.0.0-beta.7, 2.0.8, 1.8.8, or 1.7.16 of the Electron SDK. Once you have made one of those changes, resubmit your binary for review.

My questions:
Is this private API removals available in electron latest versions or planned in any future version?
Or there any other ways to update to MAC app store? (Since moving to older versions is not a good idea, since they can be removed in future also they have less chromium support?)