Electron app locks FPS of games to 45

Hello. I have an application that display elements on top of the other applications including games. I use window.setAlwaysOnTop(true, "screen-saver") for that. Then FPS of game (I tested on RDR2, League of Legends) randomly locked to 45. Sometimes this happens after pressing Alt+Tab. I found out that this is due to Electron, because after exiting the APP, the FPS unlocked. What can I do to fix?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: RTX 2060 Super
RAM: 16 GB
Electron: 10.1.2

Your question is a little vague… Try implementing a toggle switch to show/hide the running application(s) from your task menu. And be sure that you have sufficient privileges because sometimes when using gui(s) there can be background running processes that can disrupt taskkill on linux. Services.msc on win
Or use display modules. Apache uses htaccess to enable event logs through what is known as a lmhosts file.

exit out of lsass.exe and use svchost instead.

This uses python (assets) to manage packages, your application most likely uses payloads (win scripts, ie. system32 folder Program Files x86)

PM for details if you’re still having trouble