Electron App Installation



I am building an app with Electron. I am getting ready to deploy this app. At this time, my app is >200 MB. The reason why is because of the number of node packages I’m using. My question is, is there an installer available that will read the package.json file and install the “dependencies” as part of the installation process? That way, I don’t have to deploy the node_modules with my app, shrinking the over all app size for download.

This seems like this would be a valuable addition to Electron for the purposes of a) installation and b) app updates.


In my experience, some Node modules package too much … for example, they include their test files with their distribution. You may want to insert into the packaging process something that strips the excess from the modules before creating the installer?


Can you also remove the dev-dependencies from package.json?


I would assume so, yes. But I would test it first :grinning: