Electron and sqlite3 module


Hi, i’m new to Electron and Node js as well, i wanted to create a simple desktop app that would allow me to retrieve data from sqlite database, after installing the sqlite3 module and testing the app, a not found module error occurred, so i tried several solutions to rebuild the module but it just didn’t work, so is there any solution beside :

  • installing electron-rebuild and adding the rebuild script
  • changing node js version, npm and retrying the rebuild
    -changing electron version to an older one
  • installing windows build tools and visual studio c++ 2013 redistributable
  • changing the architecture on electron installation to ia32
  • installing nan in the sqlite3 module and using prepublish ( i got script missing error for prepublish and didn’t find any solutions on internet for it )

i tried to combine the solutions as well, but it didn’t work neither.

Also, did anyone use the sqlite3 module lately with the new electron versions ?