Electron and angularjs


I’m trying to convert a browser angular app into a desktop app using electron framework. I have my app in app folder in wich I have also the index.html file. I created the main.js file in wich I load the index.html file like follows:

mainWindow.loadUrl('file://' + __dirname + '/index.html');

the app is loaded correctly and electron shows me the initial page of my app that is a login form. The problem is that the app is not able to comunicate with server with https. Indeed, I think the problem is I can not accept the certificate. Can someone help me?


I have an Electron app with Angularjs and have no problems with https calls - the only thing to watch out for is the http path called - check it in the debug window and see if is what you expect to see - why mine I have to put the web site address before it.