Electron AJAX/REST api/similar technologies



I am new to electron. Is there a way to create REST api and consume them in browser? Or any other technology that work similar way.

What I want to achieve (for example):
I am having REST api that list to me files on the system. From my app (angular) I am making call, and request for file list in directory x, REST api return them in JSON format. User click on folder, same process happens again. So basically file explorer.

Links and docs are welcome :smile:

If there is a link how to deal with file-based DB within application for persisting user configs, please, also share.


I think that you can consume your api restful with ngResource of the angular and make this tasks easy, I think that donโ€™t have any trouble with this. Iโ€™m beginner with electron too. I am doing this now. :smile:


How do you create REST API in electron? Any suggestions?