Eiffel syntax theme


There are so few light themes. Can anybody convert Eiffel theme from Sublime Text?



You can even do it yourself. :smile:

Open a console or command prompt and enter the following (minus the comments):

# Change to Atom's package directory
cd ~/.atom/packages
# Download Sublime/TextMate's Eiffel theme
curl http://colorsublime.com/theme/download/37897 > Eiffel.tmTheme
# Convert Sublime/TextMate's Eiffel theme to an Atom theme package
apm init --convert Eiffel.tmTheme --theme eiffel
# Remove Sublime/TextMate's Eiffel theme
rm Eiffel.tmTheme

If you don’t have curl you can of course also manually download Eiffel.tmTheme and save it in ~/.atom/packages.

Now that the theme is converted, you can enable it in Atom (Settings -> Themes -> Syntax Theme). Result:

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Wow! How easy!
It works, but has some problems.


P.S. Can’t put two images in one post.




Did you figure out the issue here ?


No, I started using One Dark. Atom taught me to use dark color schemes. Before I used only light schemes :smile: