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I’m doing an educational program based off of “Pycharm Edu” to help new programmers learn python. I was wondering if I could use atom and manipulate it to be like pycharm edu which allows students to login and complete the tasks there. Is this possible?

Any help on this matter is appreciated.


Anything is possible, but the more elaborate your plans, the more work you’ll have to do to make it happen. Atom is built on Chrome and Node, so you have all of their combined features to work with.

I’d start with writing your web site first. Get your server up with an app that you can connect to via the Internet that has a number of REST API endpoints, and then think about an Atom integration.


Here is my pennyworth.
Out of curiosity I have just dipped into PyCharm GUI and I don’t find it overly easy to use.

You can of course write an Electron app to emulate PyCharm functionality. But an easier approach I follow for similar tasks is to use automation scripts to “autodrive” Atom.

I would use markdown-preview-enhanced (with Pandoc installed and in PATH) and then create a reveal.js presentation from markdown input (read Pandoc guide). Students can follow each lesson page by page and then the option can be given to click on links at each stage which launch an automation script to “autodrive” Atom. The analogy is a flight simulator. The launching of executable scripts from tutorial screen links requires url protocol handler and there is a certain risk that malicious automation scripts could cause serious damage. But it is a more interactive approach than preparing video tutorials where the viewer has to squint to read the snapshots. Multiple lessons can be scripted and held in a database.

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I see, thank you!