EditorView screenPositionFromMouseEvent is deprecated..how fix dependant packages?


Hello guys…after the latest update a few package have stop working, probably the most important fr me is haskell ide, looking the code the problem seems to be screenPositionFromMouseEvent from EditorView, the latest api doesnt include that method…

How can fix that package??..this change seems motivated to the new react editor (which is pretty cool because I love react) but I cant found any documentation about this change


Add a issue to the relevant packages to inform the maintainers.


I think they should use the Editor::screenPositionForPixelPosition method instead.



Made this PR to ide-haskell that seems to fix it: https://github.com/chaika2013/ide-haskell/pull/12


Crud, now that I look at the results, I’m not so sure it’s up to spec, or at least the row and col coordinates on the screenPt seem off. How does one go from jQuery.Event coordinates to screen row/col?