editorView.find() undefined?


I’m trying to upgrade my package jumpy to remove all deprecations and well, make the tests work again. It looks like a lot of my code is an “unsupported” state? Anyway, I’m currently looking at a variable editorView that doesn’t have a .find() attached on it?

On google I find plenty of core code (master branch too) using this to find selectors, so I guess I’m not the only one.

How come in my tests the editorView doesn’t have this function attached to it? Is there a line I’m missing to make my editorView more “real”?

Anyone see this?


Oops, I forgot that was just a jquery wrapper, it looks like now it’s just the element itself. So I think I can do good ole getElementsByClassName or querySelectorAll etc.


Yep, the old SpacePen system was based on jQuery. The new stuff is all DOM commands.