Editor window changes background colour on random events, almost vanilla atom


I find this a bit weird and quite distracting.
When I first open a file it looks like the image 1.

As you can see, wherever there is code there is a darker background except for the selected line. The rest of the “empty” area of the editor has a lighter dark background.

Then if I hover one of the tabs on the top, anyone is fine, the all of the background in the whole editor turns dark as can be seen in image 2.

Next weird thing is if I haven’t edited the document and just move the cursor to a different line you can see that its always surrounded by a dark part, image 3.

And the last thing is if I make any edit of the open document all turns dark. But only until I save the document, then its back to the first image, image 4.

First I thought it was a problem with the themes, One Dark combined with Firewatch, but no! Its the same with whatever theme I select as long as its a dark one. The light ones doesn’t have this problem, but I rather have a dark version.

And the stylesheet is the stock one. Haven’t changed or added anything there.

Any ideas of how I can fix this?


This is a known issue:


Thanks. Didn’t see that issue! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: