Editor tab contents go blurry on occasion


Sometimes one particular tab in the editor goes blurry. If I then close the tab and reopen, it gets nice and sharp again.

Here’s a before and after view:

I can’t find any particular pattern to when this happens; it seems to occur about once a day on average.

I’m running Atom 1.0.15 on Windows 8.1.


I can’t tell the difference between the two images. Is it possible that you’re running into a subpixel antialiasing issue?


The difference is that the top image (which looks blurry) is not subpixel antialiased. (I couldn’t think of the word, but you have hit the nail on the head.) Here’s a zoomed in section of that image:

However I am not sure why subpixel antialiasing is randomly turning off on some tabs. Everything I have read about antialiasing in Atom assumes that either it’s working or it isn’t.


Can you reproduce the issue in Safe Mode?


There have been a few instances where different zones of the UI (even some lines of a single editor tab but not others) have been subpixel antialiased and others not. As a matter of fact, the screen capture in the topic I linked to is taken from one of those instances where part of an editor was subpixel antialiased and other parts were not.

If you can reproduce this in Safe Mode, please file a bug on the Atom repository and post a link to the bug here in this topic.


well, I’ve got the same problem with many other applications on windows since 8.1…
it seems it’s because of the “ClearType”-Text which windows uses to “clean” the text on the screen…

Windows 10 for example got the same problem - many apps out there are blurred on occasion


I have a similar issue, but it’s much more pronounced:

Goes away when changing window focus or clicking into a blurred area.
Really irritating and impacts working, has been going on for several months.
Haven’t seen this in any other Electron-based apps.

Quadro K5000 - Single display @ 2560x1600 - No display scaling