Editor Scope info box always collapsed



Whenever I use the “Cursor Scope” command the info box (in blue, top right hand corner) is always “collapsed”, All I can see is the exclamation mark icon which I have to click on to expand. If I do multiple “scopes” the box collapses again, and the new icon piles up over the first one, and the expanded boxes overlap.

This only happens with the blue info box, not the red warning ones or the green “restart” one etc

How can I fix this? (This happens on Windows and MacOS, OneDark UI theme, Atom Dark syntax)

Apologies for the poor terminology but I don’t know what they’re actually called!




Could you post a screenshot of this?


Yeah, that would have been a good idea!

This is what it looks like immediately after logging the scope:

Then when I do it again you can see it overlap slightly:

Then expanding them gives this:



I don’t know why that’s happening for you, but it’s not normal. Does it happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


No, it works fine in safe mode.


Then there’s probably a package that’s messing with how info notifications get displayed. Your next step would be to figure out which one it is by making educated guesses about which one is most likely to be interfering with the popups, disabling it, testing, and repeating until the problem stops happening.