Editor Redux package


Just published the first release of a package that supports overriding editor settings based on grammar scopes — Editor Redux

In this first release the only supported settings are tabLength and softTabs, but support for more settings will be added shortly, including overrides support for packages such as Whitespace.
Additionally, right now scope names need to match exactly, but I plan on adding support for scope cascading in the next few days.
Tests and Travis CI integration will also be added very, very soon.

I’m sure there are heaps of bugs, so please let me know if you find any, and I’ll fix them right away. For instance, I suspect I might be breaking the automatic soft-vs-hard tabs detection.

Side note: I noticed earlier that there are a couple of existing packages that provide similar functionality, but by that point I had already finished the first release (did this while the package search was broken). But looking at those packages now, they don’t currently do what I will implement in the next few days, and they seem to be based on file extensions instead of grammar scopes, so in order to fulfill my own requirements as swiftly as possible, I will keep working on mine.


Not fully sold on the name by the way, so I’m open to suggestions. I also considered Settings Redux, and I initially chose the name Editor Settings, but that’s how I discovered one of the existing packages, because that name was already taken.