editor.nonWordCharacters and syntax highlight regex "\b"


Hi there,

Is there are possibility to use editor.nonWordCharacters option in syntax highlighting scheme? For now I’m using patterns/match (syntax .cson file) with “\b” anchor (words boundary) and it does not affects by nonWordCharacters option.

What I should do instead of manually adding the [list-of-non-word-chars] at the begin and end of regex?

Thanks, Yuriy.



(anyone knows?)


No, there isn’t a method for doing what you’re asking.


Thank you (


Well, I have found the way to do this. But it looks too complex for now.


  1. Going to nodejs github repository.
  2. Adding to v8 regex library (deps/icu-small/source/i18n/) additional option to regex constructor for defining “non-word” symbols list
  3. Waiting to updated js library in nodejs
  4. Waiting to updated nodejs in atom.
  5. Done.