Editor:move-to-end-of-word does not move beyond end of line if CRLF line ends in file


I am on windows 7, running atom version v1.0.19, I have reset my atom config to make sure it is not related to my config and it still behaves exhibits this behaviour.

For keystroke ctrl-right which maps to editor:move-to-end-of-word, it will not move the cursor beyond the end of any line it is on if the file ending is CRLF terminated. If I convert the file to LF termination it then works as I would expect and will move to end of the next word on the next line appropriattely.

I checked ctrl-left mapped to editor:move-to-beggining-of-word and it works and moves off begginings of lines to previous line without a problem.

I have created an issue as requested https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/9270


Please file a bug on atom/atom and post a link to the bug on this topic.