Editor:move-line-down keybinding triggers bell


I’m hearing a bell when I execute editor:move-line-down via the keybinding I have set for it: ctrl-cmd-down. Firing editor:move-line-up from either the command palette or via its analogous ctrl-cmd-up keybinding doesn’t trigger the sound, neither does editor:move-line-down from the command palette.

Where could I look to find the source of this bell? Nothing is showing in the Javascript console in the developer tools and no notifications or outputs are popping up.


This is a known issue:


A known issue is the second-best kind of issue! (After a fixed one)

For anyone else with the same issue, the problem currently lies with Electron. They have an issue open to fix it, but in the meantime, @nathansobo has a simple workaround:

Open (or create) the file ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict and add the following:

    "^@\UF701" = "noop:";
    "^@\UF702" = "noop:";
    "^@\UF703" = "noop:";