Editor isn't responding when quitting program


When I quite Atom, I get a popup saying that the program isn’t responding, I click the wait for program button, then it quites fine. New as of V.0.75 I think.

OS: Mavericks

Editor is not responding
Atom 0.85.0 failed to "Quit"

There is a new version http://atom.io/releases, can you upgrade?


@AbeEstrada I should have stated this has been happening since V 0.75 but still occurring in 0.80. But I’ll still update and see if that fixes the issue.


Seems to be fixed in 0.81 :smiley:


Not fixed for me on 0.81 :disappointed:


Still occuring on 0.81 as well, mostly in dev mode but sometimes not. My guess is that there’s a timeout waiting for the release of all packages that occurs a bit too quickly for the current configuration (it really depends on the situation here).

I’m not sure there’s a possible fix for this, increasing the timeout will not really help as it’ll further delay the closing of the window, and OTOH the more packages you have the more it’ll take time to clean/destroy everything.


Yep false hope for me. Still happens, guess the fresh install fixed it temporarily but its back to its old tricks.


Same here. :frowning:
Cannot exit from the app, not responding…


Having the same problem too!


+1, also happening to me on .84


Yep, .84 still affected by it.


On .84 and also still experiencing the same issue.


I see this occasionally on my installation, but by the time I get to the “Keep Waiting” button and click it … it is immediately ready to exit. Is this the case for others? If so, I don’t think it is that big of a problem … though it should still be fixed.


It’s not a fatal error or something that is going to break the program or make you lose work (not so far anyway) but that doesn’t excuse it in any way. It’s another annoyance that shouldn’t be there and needs to be addressed.

To answer the question, the only time it does not happen is when Atom has been opened via shortcut (not command line) and has only been open for a few seconds. If it’s been opened via command line or I open a project/file/folder then it will error out in this way. I don’t think there is or ever will be any waiting, as it seems to be “resolved” or whatever by the time the message appears.


I’m seeing this as well on the latest release (0.84.0).


I am seeing the same behavior in 0.85.0.


I have this issue too since I use Atom. Now still on 0.85.0.


Same problem here, Atom 0.86.0.



Problem seems to be fixed. :smile:
(Atom 0.89.0)

Edit: Seems to be. When there are only file tabs open. Still occurs, when there is a preferences tab (but I could live with that :smiley: ).


Im currently updating :slight_smile: I really hope you’re right :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Its not fixed for me with 0.89.0 :confused: