Editor horizontally scrolls while scrolling down


Using atom 1.19.0 on macOS Sierra 10.12, macbook (Retina, 12 inch, early 2016).

Whenever scrolling down via 2-finger touchpad (no scroll bars), the editor will scroll horizontally every couple of lines or so. It is quite annoying as you cannot quickly scroll down a file.

Checking in preferences, I am not seeing an obvious way to disable this. Not sure if it is by design or a bug. Any help?


It’s probably a bug based on the interactions of two different technologies not designed with each other in mind. I don’t know anything about your system, and two-finger scroll on my Win 10 Acer feels magnificent.

Do you have the ability to set per-application keybindings for different gestures? If so, you could set “two-finger scroll down” to PgDn, and so on.


I have the exact same issue, it happens only since the 1.19.0, with OSX 10.12.5 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) :confused:


It seems like a bug, and the issue seems to be resolved in the next version.
There is no problem with the beta (1.20.0 beta 4) version.
check out the beta version site