Editor:cut-to-end-of-line and kill-ring


The editor:cut-to-end-of-line (default bound to ctrl-k) does not behave as the standard Emacs/Cocoa behaviour.

The normal behaviour in Cocoa based apps (and Emacs) is to kill the line from the cursor to the end and concatenate it to the end of the previously killed line in the kill ring (assuming you don’t move the cursor). E.g. two consecutive control-k would place two lines in the kill ring (not to be confused to the normal clip board), these would then be pasted or yanked in from the kill ring with a ctrl-y.

This behaviour is the default in Cocoa apps (and Emacs), and it makes little sense to have Atom behave differently since the kill-ring commands is most likely primarily used by Emacs-refugees.

Anyone knows of a workaround?


This is similar to the logged issue here: Control-y should paste the control-k buffer