Editor cursor is missing if Alt-Tab is too fast under Ubuntu (14.04, 14.10)



I would like to check with other users under ubuntu, if it’s only me, or a real bug.

If you switch back and forth between the browser (or any other program) and the atom editor, the editor is missing the cursor (the blinking line) if the switch was too fast.

By too fast I mean is around 0,5s or less for sure, but if bad luck, even a 1sec or 1.5sec switching is enough to loose the cursor.

If the cursor is missing, you can still type, the characters gets added,
syntax highlighting is working, just blind typing is really difficult especially on new line, because of indentation has no visual feedback.

If others (under ubuntu) are experiencing the same issue, I would like to fill this as bug and nominate to 1.0.

Because it is so annoying bug, I can’t express enough.
It just breaks the workflow. I need to alt-tab back and forth multiple times, and counting the secs, and hoping the cursor will appear.
A total time waste.

I think a simple doublechecking if a chars gets added, to have the cursor also would be enough.


Sounds like this known issue:


@leedohm: Thank you. Although that issue ( https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/2122 ), is not the same issue, but
someone mentioned issue https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/3622, which is exactly my problem.

So I commented there.