What does the command editor:consolidate-selections do?
More generally, is there a way to see the “documentation” of a command? I don’t understand some command names that are listed in the keybinding search window.


From the code: “Reduce multiple selections to the least recently added selection.”

I don’t think there is a built-in way but maybe there is a package for it?

Outside of Atom, there’s the flight manual (which covers the basics) and reading the code, I guess.


Atom doesn’t have the ability to associate documentation with a command, so there is also no way to view it. Some commands in Atom are just wrappers around Atom API calls and you could look at the documentation there. But there are many commands that aren’t as well. For community packages, you may want to refer to the README or other documentation for the package. For my packages, I attempt to document user-relevant commands in the README.