Editor becomes unresponsive when switching windows


Hello everyone, i’m having some problems with my editor.
Everytime when i switch windows the editor becomes unresponsive for about 4-5 seconds wich is extremely annoying, this only happends when my project is setup with github.

I’ve submitted an issue on the atom github but i haven’t go a response.
This is the CPU profile when switching windows: https://mega.nz/#!5JwCHKbL!IflE76hVMnGnQDyAfrc7WX9RVaZGvH6c4WLxwnB27jU
And a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/9fejz0

Thanks for any help in advance!


Would you mind linking the Issue here so I can take a look?


(i had to put a space in because some error about only 2 links)


It looks like it is spending all its time in GitRepository.refreshStatus. Can you describe the repository that you have open when you switch back to Atom? Things like size … submodules or nested Git repos … symlinks … would be most helpful.


It really isnt a big repo only has about 50 files in it and has nothing special with it.
Only a folder is ignored wich .gitignore but nothing special other then that