Editing showing opening/ending tags in HTML


Hi there, I’m coding HTML in Linux Mint and I want to edit something of the default One Dark syntax theme.
That’s when I click on an opening tag, e.g. <body>, it underlines the <body> and </body>, but I want to edit the related files so that it shows a background with my preferred color (for example, in Notepad++ in Windows, there is such a thing).
I couldn’t file the relevant file or line.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance


Just to clarify, you’d like the <body> and </body> tags in your example to have a background color instead of just the underline?

And a small side note - I edited your post so the <body> and </body> tags showed up :pencil2: (I added ` characters around the tags).


I couldn’t find the related css or any related file to this matter.


Pretty sure there are other posts about this but I’m having some search trouble right now so I poked around a bit with the CSS and this seems to work?

atom-text-editor .bracket-matcher .region {
    background-color: white;

Add that to your styles and that should hopefully give you a start?

There are also community packages that provide some bracket highlighting enhancements:


Thanks a bunch.
Yeah I know my question has been asked before but I couldn’t find it, so created a new thread.
That worked.
Good time