Editing Joomla website code - where do i start?


I am completely new to this - I initially wanted to use FileZilla to download files from Joomla, and edit the code to change the layout of the template. However, I found that I couldn’t access the server. I used my user name and password but it wouldn’t let me connect.

So, someone suggested Atom, and Remote-FTP. I have downloaded it, but I can’t see how I can use Atom to do the same process? I can’t open a project, for example, because I haven’t downloaded any code yet - I still need to somehow get that from Joomla.

Can anyone see where I am coming from?
If so, please help!




This question isn’t really about Atom. It’s about how to use Joomla and off-topic for this forum. But I did some simple searching and found this reference that might start you on your way:


I politely disagree - I want to use Atom to do something and I’m confused about how to do it - so I am asking for support. But I bow to your superiority in this…


I don’t know why the remote-ftp package won’t connect to Joomla with your credentials. Have you tried connecting to another FTP site with remote-ftp? You say you tried connecting to Joomla with FileZilla and got the same result as with the remote-ftp package, which leads me to believe that the problem isn’t with Atom but with how to access Joomla via FTP. If you have instructions on how to access Joomla via FTP (I couldn’t find them in a quick search), I might be able to give you some ideas to try.