Editing a syntax theme to match the UI theme

Hi there!

I first started to use atom a few months ago as a replacement to IDLE (very good decision). I used the “one dark” UI and syntax theme:

Which was good (especially the syntax highlighting for python which I have grown used to), but I wanted a UI colour change.
I eventually found clear-night-ui which has a colour scheme that I like (for the UI), but I am not a fan of the colours used for syntax highlighting:
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Why don’t I mix and match the clear-night UI and the one-dark syntax highlighting?
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The background colour in the editor is slightly off-putting.

I have tried to create my own syntax theme (having a look at the guide in the handbook) to incorporate the syntax highlighting from one-dark, but I failed completely (all my text ended up looking white).

I would appreciate it if anybody could give me some advice.

TD;DR: I want to be able to have the clear-night UI with a slightly modified one-dark syntax theme (to match the background colour).


Clear night UI and syntax highlighting.^^

Clear night UI and one dark syntax highlighting ^^

Alright, I finally got it working.

What I needed to do was to open the stylesheet and add:

atom-text-editor {
  background-color: #0e151f;

Which changed the colour but kept the syntax highlighting.