Edit/Replace current HTML tag?


In Sublime Text, with the insertion point in an HTML tag name, you can hit a key command to edit the opening and closing tag simultaneously. Helpful, for example, to change an H3 to and H4.

Is there a way to do this in Atom I am missing?


In the common case where the closing tag is the closest instance of the same text:

  1. Highlight the name of the opening tag
  2. Press Cmd+D to highlight the name of the closing tag
  3. Type in the replacement tag name


Thanks. But this won’t work if there are enclosed tags of the same name.

Therefore “edit tag” would be nice to have. actually, it would be best if editing an opening tag name automatically edits the corresponding closing tag, as in Visual Studio.


Yes, I agree … but until someone creates such functionality, this will work much of the time.


This would be a great feature request for bracket-matcher.

Edit: I liked it so much I opened an issue.