Edit my own posts


I just wrote my first post in this forum. Then I saw a typo and looked for the edit button.
I didn’t found one so I thought I copy the text, delet the post and the post a correct version of it again.
After I deleted the post it still was visible and I saw a message, that it will be deleted in 24h (does that make sense?). That would mean if I post the corrected answer right now you would see both versions of the post for 24h. So I undeleted the post.
Then on the top right corner of the post I saw a pencil icon. When I clicked it I saw the edit history (delete -> undelete) but I still didn’t find any edit button.
On the bottom of the post I only see buttons for “share a link”, “show more” (“bookmark”, “delete”) and “reply”.

Am I blind or is the edit button really hidden very well or not even there when I only wrote one single post?

How can I specify a different font family for different sources?

You have to reach Trust Level 1 to edit your own posts. You can learn more about trust levels on meta.discourse.org.


That is not a default in Discourse, however. Normally all users can edit
their posts even new users.


It definitely makes sense to limit the features for new users. But I think not even being able to edit your own posts is a bit too much. Especially if you can see the edit history. And what evil or stupid things would be possible if you could edit your own posts?