Edit locally, code complete on remote Python (Mindstorms EV3DEV)



I’m playing with EV3DEV, a Linux distribution that runs on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 brick we all love.
Code is written in Python; I can ssh into the brick, or do other Linuxy things to make the brick filesystem visible on the Mac.

I would like to either run something like atom.io on the brick but display on my Mac, or edit on my Mac but ensure that Python code completion, search for functions inside modules or testing code etc is run using the Python on the brick.




If you can do Linuxy things to make the brick filesystem visible on your Mac, then you should be able to edit the files on the brick filesystem using Atom.


@leedohm Yes editing should work; Getting autocomplete to work for the modules installed on the brick, that is the problem. Ideally, the remote Python on the brick should be called for introspection.

I am sure people who develop for production web sites have the same issue, the Python code specific to the server imay not be on their Edit platform, eg a Macbook with Atom which may even be running a different version of Python entirely.


As a person who develops for a production web site, I have a system that ensures that my development environment is as close as possible to the environment in production, including the same version of Ruby, PostgreSQL, etc. Being shackled to the production server in order to be able to code efficiently would be restrictive to say the least. I couldn’t write code in my favorite coffee shop with the crappy Internet connection :wink: But if all the tools I need are on my local machine, I can be somewhere with no Internet connection and still code and test everything with a high degree of confidence in the result.

There may be a way to do what you want. I don’t know of any packages that support that though.