Edit file under git project makes changes I haven't made


I have just started to use Atom, I have open a git project and edited a file and save it. But in the bottom right corner I can see that has been made more changes than mine in the file.
So I make a test, I open a file, add a blank space, save it (so 1 edit) but in the bottom right corner I can see 3 more changes has been made (So 4 change in total). I have checked the changes and this is a change that I haven’t make:

as you can see has automatically deleted and added the same line, can I know why? there is one options that do that?



Most likely what is happening is Atom is trimming excess whitespace at the end of lines that you may have left in there before. You can disable this behavior by going to the settings in the Whitespace package and unchecking “Remove Trailing Whitespace”.


Thank you very. much!