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eclipse vs atom IDE. what are the differences?


The difference between Atom and any IDE is that Atom isn’t an IDE at its core. Atom is just a code editor that has so many different packages that you can build it into an IDE if you want. Better, you can build it into any sort of IDE you desire. Nuclide and PlatformIO are two examples of IDE-like setups using Atom and a curated list of packages, and because they’re built on the same base editor, you can use the same shortcuts and configurations in developing JavaScript that you do in developing for a microcontroller.

If you want to do heavy development, you might want to consider Eclipse. If flexibility is valuable, though, Atom can be anything you want it to be. Eclipse is always going to be itself.


I’ve also created a FAQ for the general question:


Eclipse also has tons of plug-ins (see eclipse market place) can be customised/packaged for many different development environments and has been used as a base for a large number of applications (check Wikipedia ‘Eclipse-based software’ for an incomplete list).


Can you completely remove all of the parts that deal with code and use Eclipse as journaling software?