EANAMETOOLONG errors everywhere


I work on some fairly large projects, that have many nested folders.

A number of packages seem to periodically break whenever the length of any of these paths gets too long. They almost always spew the node EANAMETOOLONG error.

I’ve had trouble with a variety of the Git packages, such as git-blame, but its by no means limited to them. Some googling turned up similar issues on other packages.

Is there any simple fix I can do, other than moving files on my filesystem?


Maybe Mount a virtual drive?
Eg replace /some/long/path/dub/sub/sub/project by e:/project ?


This is an issue with the underlying Node APIs Atom uses for file system access. There isn’t a simple fix :frowning:

To be clear, this is something that is a problem for the Atom team as well. We don’t currently have a timeline for when it will be fixed though.