Dynamic grammar package ? Existing variables, ";" missing etc


Hi everybody,
I really like Atom but I would like to implement a new package which makes a smart syntax theme.

For example in C:

  • I’d like to detect if a variable I’m using is declared or not and then set a color corresponding to the case.
  • Then I need to detect if I’m in a function, if/else etc…

I also would like to implement some module/function name coding rules depending on what is before.
For example in Verilog:

  • input wire mywirename; but the coding style in my company says an input has to begin with i_ then I want to detect this.

Is it possible with Atom only ?
With a simple syntax theme (and then everything in regex) or a package which processes everything (kind of parser) ?
If you have any example, please let me know.

I have only found something called “lint” but not available (or pretty poor) for Verilog language or other custom file syntax and it usually requires a supplement software.

FYI: I would like to implement like Jetbrain Clion/RubyMine which does what I want.

Thank you.