Dvorak with QWERTY Shortcuts layout


Is anyone else using this layout? I can’t get it to work with Atom.


I am and it seems to always send Dvorak keys, which means a wholesale remap to even start.


I’m also experiencing this problem. As a side-effect, it seems that copying, cutting, and pasting in the feedback form also doesn’t work with this layout, whether you try to use Dvorak or Qwerty shortcut keys.

I’m pasting the message I sent as feedback for posterity:

Note: All key combinations mentioned are as printed on a qwerty keyboard.

Key combinations do not function properly when the dvorak-qwerty keyboard layout is used. As an example, Cmd-W opens Preferences instead of closing a tab. To actually close a tab, Cmd-, must be used. Similarly, Cmd-L creates a new file instead of Cmd-N. The same problem appears when toggling the command palette (Cmd-Shift-R instead of Cmd-Shift-P), copying (Cmd-I instead of Cmd-C), cutting (Cmd-B instead of Cmd-X), and pasting (Cmd-. instead of Cmd-X). There are most likely plenty of other examples.

In the case of the command palette, something may have changed between version 0.60.0 and 0.61.0. In 0.60.0, Cmd-Shift-R and Cmd-Shift-P both toggle the command palette. I restarted Atom while observing this bug and noticed the upgrade to 0.61.0, after which the command palette toggle seems to behave similar to other (problematic) key combinations.


I have a Hungarian keyboard layout and can’t even write brackets!


I am having the same issue, yes. This is never a good sign.


I tried messing with the keymap file but wasn’t able to override the commands. May need to create a separate package but not sure.


Bump. This is a major problem for me (and probably most people who use Dvorak on OS X) using the Dvorak-Qwerty layout. I could learn all new key bindings, but needing two hands for CTRL+C / CTRL+V is no fun.


This issue is very important in my workflow. At this point lack of support for the layout makes things far from usable.


Using OSX Maverick with Dvorak-Qwerty layout.
About 1.5 ago I wanted to buy IntelliJ Idea, but they had (and STILL HAVE) problem with switching to QWERTY layout by pressing “command” button, because of Java restrictions.
Now I use SublimeText2.

Please dont make same mistake as JatBrains does now. Solve it.


Same problem here with Dvorak-QWERTY on OS X.

This issue comes up a lot with new products and I’m used to writing bug reports about it by now, especially with WebKit. Not sure if it’s OS X’s fault by not reporting the correct keys, IMHO this should be handled at a low level so this issue should never surface again.


Atom has just open-sourced their keymap module – That’s a step in the right direction, and might be a good place to start looking into fixing this.

I’ve opened an issue report on GitHub, please feel free to subscribe to that if you’re interested.


Can you explain how to install your fix atom-keymap? Should I replace original atom-keymap folder


with your folder (after running npm install && grunt, of course)?


I’ve added instructions to test my patch under the the GitHub issue, you’ll need to build Atom from source though. Waiting to hear from the guys at GitHub, i’m not sure how soon a patch will be ready to be included in the main release.


I’ve added some explanations for your instructions :wink:
Just follow Installation guide of DVORAK-QWERTY support in Atom.io


For anyone following along here, the Dvorak-Qwerty layout now works as expected on the latest build of Atom.

Details: https://github.com/atom/atom-keymap/pull/51


Since this has been fixed, I’ve been using Atom and it’s been behaving much more like I expect.

However, I’ve noticed that the “delete” key doesn’t work when using Dvorak-Cmd-QWERTY. When changing back to a US keyboard layout it works.

Looking at the Key Binding Resolver (Packages > Keybinding Resolver > Toggle), when I press Delete (under “fn” on my Apple Keyboard) in Dvorak-Cmd-QWERTY it says the key is “.” (period). When in QWERTY, it correctly says that the key is “delete”.

So I thought, if Atom thinks “delete” is “.”, what does it think my actual period button is? The Keybinding Resolver says it’s… “¾”. (WTF?)

I noticed also that many other keys are strange, e.g. when pushing the single quote and comma (at the top-left, labelled Q and W respectively), the keys reported are “Þ” and “¼”.

So, I assume Atom really does think I’m pushing these weird buttons it thinks exist on my keyboard. So if I add a manual mapping for “.” to act as delete, to my custom key map:

  '.': 'core:delete'

…then it works as I expect. Although it feels super hacky!

Does this happen for anybody else?