Duplicate line with no selection duplicates entire buffer


When I press shift-cmd-d, which is correctly resolving to editor:duplicate-lines, it duplicates the entire buffer if I don’t have a line selected.

I realize there is an outstanding enhancement request to duplicate the current line if there is no selection, but this is an actual bug report. Duplicating the entire buffer is particularly bad since in larger buffers it doesn’t look like anything happened. You might hit it a couple of times and won’t know what’s wrong until later when things start acting weird in your browser or fail to compile. (Yes, I did that. Twice.)

Version 0.81.0, but I might have seen this in previous builds.


This should be fixed in release 0.82.0


Now it doesn’t duplicate the buffer, but with version 0.84 it does seem to duplicate a random number of lines.


We are having a difficult time reproducing this but. If you (or anyone else) could link to a sample file with directions on how to reproduce this bug we would :heart: you forever!


It doesn’t happen all the time, but here is an easy issue that could point to something regarding cursor management:

If you put the cursor on the end of a line, it duplicates the next line.