Dumb new user question... Project?


So I think I’m having a conceptual issue with trying to use Atom.
I’ve been using IDEs (Intellij, Visual Studio, Netbeans) that all lead with the concept of projects.
Create a New project is the functionality I’m looking for in Atom, but this concept doesn’t seem to be a thing. How is project generation handled in Atom?


Atom doesn’t have project files. Atom’s idea of a project is the set of folders you have open in a particular Atom window. You can right-click on the tree view and select Add Project Folder to add additional directories to your project.


Huh… so the folder already has to exist too. Atom doesn’t create a new folder for you.
Just seems like an odd design choice.


The reason is because Atom doesn’t try to be a real IDE. It’s a code editor that has some IDE-like behaviors, like having a concept of projects, but without being heavy-handed about what a project is.