Dropbox Folders Deleted While Atom Opened to Them


Last night I left 3 Atom (version 187) windows opened to 4 projects:
One window to my Daily/* set of often used files
One window to my project’s repo
One window with two projects, earlier versions of my repo

This morning I noticed my project failing and found that these four folders were gone. Atom was open but IIRC, odd names that may be Dropbox cache files/folders.

Dropbox’s “events” list did indeed show all the deletions.

All went well, I recovered via Time Machine the two major folders and can reconstruct the two earlier versions of my repo.

I’m mainly reporting this in case others have similar problems.

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened? I’ve been doing this (keeping editors open for extended periods) forever it seems.


I kept having problems with this. I reinstalled (time machine) lost folders (all of which were opened in Atom during the “delete events” as Dropbox calls them.)

But I ran into problems when I reopened the folders in Atom: it referred to the files as deleted, then referring to .dropbox.cache version of the file.

So I deleted .atom/storage as suggested by


This at least removed the persistent referral to deleted/cache Dropbox files.


I’ve had problems with Dropbox outside of Atom with this kind of live update situation, specifically attempting to store a Git project inside Dropbox. It even corrupted the Git repository. Fortunately, I had it backed up another way as well. Because of this, I just don’t edit files in Dropbox for the most part … or at least leave them open for a significant period of time.


When I tried that the git functionality didn’t work in atom.