Drop-down menu's are blank


Hey guys, recently bought myself a chromebook pixel and just installed ubuntu 14.04 on it. I proceeded to install atom and after that went on to change my themes, i installed a few themes and when i click the drop down which normally lets you select your theme the drop down is filled with white and has no themes in it, almost as if the themes are there but are invisible and un-clickable.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


I assume you are running crouton. What have you installed in Crouton? I have a pixel 2015 that atom works well with. I’m just running 12.0.2 ubuntu with no desktop. I bring atom up in xiwi so it has its own window.

Have you tried starting Atom with the themes off to see if you still have the problem? Start it on the command line with atom --safe, or in my case sudo xiwi atom --safe.


Hi Mark, i am running crouton with ubuntu 14.04 and unity i however do not use xiwi.

Running “atom --safe” or “atom -safe” in terminal doesnt seem to change anything, it also doesnt change the theme but i have never changed it.


While I can’t help you with anything Chromebook related, if you wish to change your theme while the drop-down menu is blank, you can edit your ~/.atom/config.cson directly until that issue is resolved:

    themes: [


Does the Chromebook Pixel have a HiDPI display?




I have the same problem on my laptop that has a HiDPI display. I’m using Manjaro/Pantheon.


I belive i may use this if its the only option but it would be good to try a different option, maby it is the default theme that is messing up the dropdowns?


Yes it has a 25650x1700 resoultion.


In that case, I think this is the same issue as:


Maaan, talk about ultra-mega-widescreen… :wink: