Dragging files out of the app into the file system



I would like to know if it is possible to drag files out of the application into an OS folder, or another application and get the “native” behaviour?

For instance dragging a file into a OS folder, would copy the file into the given OS folder.

For instance dragging multiple files into a OS folder, would copy multiple files into it.

For instance dragging audio files into an Audio Application would result into the application handling the file ( as if you were dragging from a Desktop folder ).

Any thoughts?

Thank you


I’m not sure if this is for atom-shell or not. Are you talking about dragging files out of Atom, the editor? Or are you talking about writing your own application on top of the atom-shell framework and offering the kind of drag and drop you’re talking about.


I actually wish to have an APP ( potentially on top of atom-shell ) and have a “native drag out” feature.

So basically i would be able to browse files and then drag then into application which can handle them.

The only “work around” i found so far, would be the user click to “Download” the file and then drag it into the app but that isn’t ideal…

thank you for your fast reply


Are you thinking to click-and-drag from the editor tab out of Atom into another app?


Yes, for instance you would drag out a Picture from Atom onto Photoshop and photoshop would open it.

Or drag and Audio file into an Audio software, and it would add to the timeline.

Same behaviour as dragging from a native “browser window” ( like Finder or Windows Explorer ).


Ok, now I’m super confused. Why would you have an audio file in a programming text editor like Atom? Are you confusing this Atom editor with something else?


hi Hems, did you solve this problem.
I would like to drag outside my electron app an image to an external app as well.