Dragging a folders opens in separate windows


In Sublime, Coda, Textmate and others you can quickly work on a project but dragging the project folders onto the app icon and opens a window with all those folders and sub files and sub folders.

In Atom, after a little delay (compared to Sublime which opens instantly), Atom opens each folder in a separate window instead of combined all in one as it should. Any files/folders dragged at the same time onto the icon should open one window, while of course if you drag files/folders individually over time it should open separate windows as it does.

As a a temporary work around I tried File > Add Project Folder, but was unable to add any folders through that method which may be a separate bug.



Do you happen to be on Mac OS X El Capitan? If so, you are probably experiencing this issue:



I am. Glad it’s just a Mac Beta issue rather than Atom. To confirm, on 10.10, dragging folders at once onto the Atom icon opens them all in one window like in Sublime, Coda, TextMate and others?



The issue I linked to was specifically about the File -> Open menu and unrelated to dragging multiple folders at once onto the dock icon. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question for you since I do not have a Mac.



No, I just tried on OSX Yosemite. I dragged two folders onto the Atom icon in the doc, and I got two windows, one for the first folder and one for the second folder.