Drag from Electron to Finder (macOS)


I need some advice on how I can achieve draging some object (e.g an image) to finder (e.g my desktop)?



I think your only option is to right click (OSX sometimes calls this “two finger tap”) and select “Show in Finder” like this.


Electron displays images like a web browser does, so my gut suggests that this should be a natural function of the software included in Electron. Is that not the case?



Thank you for your reply. This is a good point but this is not entirely what I want to do. The image example was not the best.

So, let’s say I have an element (E) on my window that represents a folder. When I click on E, it opens the folder at some path X. Now, I want to be able to drag E outside the window to the desktop. When that happens, I want the folder to be copied to the desktop.


@jasonsperske: Thank you for your reply. But my question was about developing with Electron and not an atom related query.