Drag Files into Folders from Filesystem to Move Them


In Coda I am able to drag files into a folder on the sidebar and it will move (or copy) them into my project.

I often use this to drag images from my Downloads folder into the images folder in my project without having to open up two finder windows and navigate them to the proper directories.

Screenshot of this feature in action in Coda


I’m no Cocoa developer but I’m fairly sure Coda uses some OS X native API that’s surely different from Atom’s file core. Would something like this even be possible with the underlying technology?


Atom also already supports opening files by dragging them into the editor pane. I know HTML5 has support for uploading files via drag and drop; I suspect you’d be able to combine that with Atom’s filesystem functions to be able to implement the move/copy functionality.

I also found these docs for native apps but I suspect you wouldn’t need to do anything this complex: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/cocoa/Conceptual/DragandDrop/Tasks/DraggingFiles.html


This would be very nice, and expected, as long as it’s about moving stuff inside the folder browser.

When dragging from Atom to the Desktop or the other way around, I am not sure what to expect, maybe nothing.