Drag & drop to copy and move text in editor


I miss this feature.

A few feature requests

There are a number of drag and drop topics now. Can you clarify what exactly you do with drag and drop that you miss? What problem(s) does it solve for you?


For example: move selected text to another line by dragging or copy if modifier key is pressed.


I am missing this option too. dragging highlighted text around is something I use all the time.


I also need this – drag to relocate the selected text, drag with option/alt key to copy


There is now a drag & drop text package.


Thanks for providing this package. However, I find it a little strange that this feature is not in the core.


IMHO, everything that isn’t absolutely required should be in a package. Atom is already a big download and slow starter. Why should one pay the penalty for features they don’t use?

Of course if it could be done better in core then it should be, which to be honest applies somewhat to this package. But often this could be fixed by making core more customizable.


@mark_hahn also made another package https://atom.io/packages/simple-drag-drop-text that is more like your traditional drag and drop for text.

Thanks Mark!