Drag & drop new project into atom (BUG?)


Hi, Forgive me if there is a topic on this already i didnt find it.

Im not sure if it is a bug or not but when i drag a folder into atom then a toolbox pops up saying “-> move” (on windows) and then it opens fine, however the issue is once i have a project open in atom and i want to add another folder i can not do the same thing, I drag it into atom and the toolbox saying move pops up again but nothing happens, if i want to add a new folder i have to right click and “add project folder”.

Thanks in advance! Tristan


I found a topic about draging into the work area and that opens a new atom window, but im refering to dropping it into the left panel with the folder.

Regards, Tristan


It’s not a bug. As far as I know, if you want to add a new project folder, you have to use that command.


This was implemented in https://github.com/atom/tree-view/pull/1209 but tree-view couldn’t be updated in Atom at the time, see this comment.

But it looks like we were able to bump tree-view just last night so this functionality will be available in an upcoming release (you can also use it now if you build from master or try the nightly release).