Drag and drop remote FTP


i use the package: Remote FTP. From 2.2.0 it support drag and drop (https://github.com/icetee/remote-ftp/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md) I would like open a panes with my desktop view for use this function. How can i do? Thanks.


I don’t know that you can. Try it: right-click in Project and select Split Down. For me, it doesn’t do anything, but if you test it on an open file, you will see that it creates a new pane below the current one. Maybe the dock doesn’t support that.


Hi, thanks for your answer. I have created a panes under (see my screen) but i can’t see the file in my desktop in this new panel.


What steps did you use?


from the menu on top: view -> panes -> split down. The panel is created but inside there is nothing.


I see the same result. This is probably because the dock items don’t support splitting, but the developers didn’t think to prevent us from trying to split them anyway.