Downloading a file from https with basic authorization


Hi Yall!
I’m trying to download a file using the downloadItem.

i’m able to download files from public sites like
but what if i have a basic authentication and a https protocol?

in the same app i can access to that folder using a basic authentication, even calling the url like and sending additional headers like ‘rejectUnauthorized:false’ etc…

how can i make the downloadURL function work with auth and https?!




did u checked
Event: 'login' you may get some idea to send username and password

if it is ldap/ntlm auth then try this

session.defaultSession.allowNTLMCredentialsForDomains('*'); // in ur main.js

or try both


Nope :frowning:

the first one doesen’t look like the one i need. I’m mostly able to make a basic authorization like, the part that i’m missing is sending the extra headers like rejectUnauthorized:false

the second one is not suitable for my case :confused: