Download Blocked by Adblocker


I was pulling my hair out trying to download for Windows directly from the site. I kept getting a “This site can’t be reached” error after about 30 seconds. The download apparently comes from I thought to myself, “hmmm… perhaps it is because of my ad-blocker… but a free and open-source text editor wouldn’t be so brash as to disallow downloads for users with ad-blocker…” but it was true. I opened a new browser window in stealth mode (no ad-blocker), et voilá! I could download.

Just in case anyone else was having this problem. I couldn’t find an answer anywhere, so now you know. PS team : maybe you could re-think using as your download provider?


Downloading atom from connect me only to
are you sure the web shield is not something from your machine ?

In case of doubt the other release link point you to a download location on github


It sounds like you have malware on your machine :see_no_evil:


Seems to be fixed now - also without disabling ad-blocker. The download link is, so nothing to do with github (also github only seems to offer linux/mac version and no windows installer). I’d be very surprised if I have malware, and it’s strange that yesterday and two days ago the download link simply redirected to a bad link, but today it does not. Perhaps it was a temporary problem with and the whitelisted domains from ad-blocker.


No, we offer a Windows installer as well. Check out the instructions in the Atom Flight Manual for more information:

The website should autodetect your operating system based on what your browser reports and offer you the correct installer based on that information.