Download ahref not working


Hi ,

I’m trying to use electron as a site specific browser . on the site i have a few documents that are up for download .
Now this is my first try with electron i’m not a programmer but i do mostly UI design , so i’m kinda stuck with the following problem : when ever the download like gets clicked in electron nothing happens . if i try to force the download to start in a new tab electron opens a new window but nothing happens no download starts .

I’ve searched these forums but most of the discussions on how to fix this boggle my brain .

To give a little insight : when the app loaded index.js gets triggered with the following code .

var app = require('app')

var BrowserWindow = require(‘browser-window’)

app.on(‘ready’, function(){
var mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
height: 800,
width: 700,
‘min-height’: 800,
‘min-width’: 700

loadUrl just points to the url of my website . Is there an easy way i could accept all downloads from this url ?

Thank you in advance for your time ,
a electron newbie