Doubts about Apache 2.0 license


Hello guys I am developing a program with electron and would like to use a html template ready licensed under the license Apache 2.0, however this program will be code closed source, the license Apache 2.0 this and allowed I know the license MIT I can do it but and Apache 2.0?

I thank the help …


Rodrigues, I could explain what I think it means, but I am not a lawyer. If you intend to distribute software for pay, you really should get a lawyer qualified in Intellectual Property law to determine whether your use of an open source product is compatible with its license.


I understand only because I know that I asked the MIT license lets you use change and use the program so that you can sell, but already in the Apache 2.0 license it is not clear. But already I decided I will create my propio template that will atrazar me a bit but that’s okay, thanks for the help.