Doubt with command:


Hi, i’m new using commands and i have a doubt with the command “If”:
I want to do If that is true that happends, and if that is false that happeds. How can i do it?


For example: if the username is TheDarkPetrox print Welcome back TheDarkPetrox and if the username is not TheDarkPetrox print Welcome back username


This is a forum for Atom and Electron questions, not general programming questions (and if it was it would help to know the language you use)


What’s the forum for programming questions?


I recommend codecademy for learning languages like JavaScript and Python.

I don’t think there is a general programming forum for beginners. Each language will have its own set forum / group of people who like to help.

If you’re just starting, I recommend Python as a first language. The syntax is intuitive, and the community has a good reputation.


yes, i’m programming in atom with python language, thank you.


If that’s the case, it is important to tell us at the beginning so that we don’t have to spend time asking you basic questions like what language you’re working in or how you are running your code. We also can’t tell you anything about your code without being able to see your code. You need to either post your code here (formatted, of course, so that the forum knows it’s code, which you do by highlighting it and pressing the </> button above the editor). This is going to be true on whichever forum you visit.